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If You Are Wondering... When we get questions asking why all of the digital music, we generally just nod mysteriously. Works most of the time. Because the truth is kinda boring. We played our guitars around the kitchen table for the first 35 years of our marriage. For the last 22 years, however, we've done the computer music instead, since our old fingers weren't up to pressing the strings down sufficiently to prevent the dog howling in protest.

New and Improved for 2016! We've digitally remastered our Wind Instrument MP3’s to make them mobile-friendly. The other versions -- Strings, Organ and Piano -- are no longer supported by the Google® and Opera® browsers, because they arrogantly deprecated plug-ins. Firefox® and Safari® still support plug-ins. Windows® will work fine with QuickTime®, but Macintosh® requires a special free plug-in you can download from Myriad Software® (It only takes a couple minutes to download it) Every selection is in our exclusive Super Separation Stereo™.

For a comprehensive selection of several hundred Church Hymns, click here to check out the Tri-Saints Lutheran Parish website.

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