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Welcome to WebWalker Virtual Press!

All of our Virtual Books (e-Books) and Virtual CD's are absolutely free. Free to read or listen to online, free to download to your own Windows® or Macintosh® computer right now. We call it Freeware - no pop ups, no banner ads, no spyware, no email registration, no strings whatsoever! Also, many can be uploaded at no charge to your own website for your own visitors to enjoy, as well.

DIY: 30% to 40% Improved Efficiency Over Savonius Vertical Windmills -- The WindGazer™ Residential Backyard Windmill. Instructions, Calculations, Parts Lists and Links -- Build It Yourself! Go into Business and Market It, If You Wish!

An e-Book that will be useful to do-it-yourselfers who wish to become more energy independent by building their own WindGazer™ backyard residential vertical windmills. We have abnegated our patent capabilities and placed this significantly improved design which increases energy output by 30 to 40% over the traditional Savonius vertical windmills into the public domain. Therefore, not only can you build your own, but you can market these windmills if you wish! Includes interactive calculators for major cities in the United States and possible parts lists.

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A Free Three Volume "Boxed" Reference Set for Your Computer Desktop! An Unabridged Dictionary, Book of Quotations and a Thesaurus -- All in One!

Three of the most useful reference works will now be available at your fingertips right on your desktop! A massive dictionary, a volume of quotations and a complete thesaurus. How do we provide a "box" for a digital book? That's a good question: one we won't attempt to answer since we rely solely upon your own imagination. Whether you're preparing a report or writing a book, this threesome will provide that perfect word or phrase you need to put on the page.

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Our Most Downloaded WebWalker Virtual Book by John and Erika Keyes:

"Surviving the Inevitable Catastrophic Collapse of the United States of America"

A 126 page e-Book that will either be a survival manual for you and your family or an E-book that you think is pure balderdash. Included are chapters on surviving an EMP Detonation including ways to protect your loved ones with pacemakers and defibrillators, getting past a currency collapse or hyperinflation and how-to instructions for finding water, creating a solar still, finding edible plants and bugs, defensive and hunting weapons and escaping the chaos that may ensue after any catastrophic event.

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Keep Current on the Prices of Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Lead and Platinum!
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Our Silver and Gold Values section also includes up-to-the minute prices for other precious metals as well -- copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, lead and platinum. If you think the United States Currency is about to crash, you'll find these 24/7 updated price calculators for gold and silver coin wholesale and dealer/barter values very useful! You should bookmark this section as an integral part of your survival guide!
Dozens of Free Virtual Books That You Can Read Online or Download Now!

Titles include: The 2010 Solar and Wind Energy Atlas, New World Conservatism, Sun Tzu's Art of War, Plato's Republic, Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War, The Holy Bible - The Old Testament, The Holy Bible - The New Testament, The Holy Bible - The Apocrypha, The Holy Qur'an, Buddha's Sutra of Forty-two Parts, The Old Testament Concordance, The New Testament Concordance, The Apocrypha Concordance, The Holy Qur'an Concordance, Fundamentals of Web Page Scripting, Advanced Web Page Scripting, The Ugly JavaScript Book and Building in Harmony with Earth and Sky. Each book "remembers" the chapter you're reading and returns to it the next time you open it, and offers the option of a variety of background music selections, if you so desire. Click here now to select your free virtual books!
2372 Musical Selections Are Available in our WebWalker Virtual CD Pages
We are very proud of our arrangements in our exclusive Super Separation Stereo™ with wind, string, organ and piano versions. Of course, each selection includes printable sheet music. Control the volume with a single click instead of fussing with the cumbersome sliders. Almost hypnotic graphic displays keeping time to the music. Also, we have added Ultra-Long-Playing CD's - some play for nearly 5 hours without repeating, if you wish. Check them out in our Free Virtual CD's section.

Our Free Sheet Music section with thousands of pages is now instantly searchable and provides for singles musical downloads.

If you like to open the Bible at a random page for inspiration, this new addition will allow you to do the same online. Click here to open the New Testament for a Daily Bible Verse!

Please stop by again, if it suits you. It was a pleasure to host your visit to our site!

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